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The Church of Saint Agnes
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13th Week in Ordinary Time

Tue, 06/30/2015
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

Over the ages, through the centuries, this has become the prayer of the threatened church:
“Lord, saves us.  We are perishing!”
In times of great trouble, during persecution, people of faith cry out “Lord, save us.”
The concern here is physical survival.
Continued earthly existence is threatened.
Christians cry out because of the felt fear that life as they know it
is coming to an end.
There is strong faith and there is weak faith.
Weak faith becomes paralyzed, unable to act, in the midst of the storm.
Strong faith doesn’t necessarily mean fear is absent.
But it allows the Christian to act in the face of fear.
While in the boat, if the disciples had strong faith,
they would not have denied the storm was fierce.
They would have taken necessary measures to protect themselves.
They would have put on life jackets if they had them.
But they would have said “the Lord is with us.  We are in good hands.”
A number of people have asked me:
“what is your reaction to the recent Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage?”
And then they raise concerns about how there will be law suits against the church
and how the church will be forced to accommodate all requests
with regards to renting the hall for civil ceremonies….and the like.
I didn’t respond by saying “we’ll fight it to the end.  We’ll die in our boots if necessary.”
First of all I believe there are at least two attitudes toward the church’s teaching
by those who champion the rights of gay people.
One, the church needs to be punished, made to feel shame,
for its archaic, backward and unjust position.
And anything we can do to make this happen,
to force the church to change its position,
or to make the church suffer like we have suffered, is to be pursued.
Two, the church has a right to its position, it’s teaching,
and somehow we must co-exist acknowledging the difference of opinion.
If and when civil lawsuits are brought against the church
we must defend our position, justify our policies, and stand our ground.
If such lawsuits are successful, giving anyone the right to use the church hall,
then in order to be true to our beliefs, not compromise our faith,
in order to live peacefully under the authority of legitimate civil authority,
we need to get out of the business of renting the hall.
It may be an inconvenience but it isn’t the end of the world.
We’re in the Lord’s hands…and they are good hands.
Strong faith: acting wisely in the face of what seems overwhelming.
“O Lord.  Help us to be people of strong faith.”