The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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16th Week in Ordinary Time

Mon, 07/24/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

The Queen of the South, the Queen of Sheba
did not come to see Solomon hoping he would work some sign,
revealing to her God’s power.
She came to Solomon to hear his wisdom.
The Ninevites did not repent because they saw Jonah perform miracles and work wonders.
They repent because they hear his words of preaching.
They turn away from their sin, they repent.
They are saved from destruction by listening to what they heard, taking it to heart,
and making required decisions.
There is a difference between believing God exists and believing in God.
People look at the universe, look at created reality, with it wonders, its order, its mysteries,
with its power and unexplainable origins
and they conclude that someone greater than a human being set all this into motion.
They are convinced God exists.
But they never make a connection between God and their personal existence.
God remains an idea in their head.
God is off doing his own thing, occupied with His own interests.
He lives in some remote and distant location.  He remains indifferent, aloof, unconcerned.
As such, we as human beings have to work out our own destiny.
We have to create our own meaning….
decide for ourselves what is important and has the highest value.
Until they hear otherwise,
until they become convinced God is intimately connected with their good,
both temporal and eternal, God remains a thought and nothing more.
Some people adjust their lives, begin to take God seriously
when they hear the Story of Salvation as it is recorded in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.
They begin to consider the possibility that God is loving
and that He is concerned about all His creation;
that he wants to draw all things to Himself for the sake of eternal happiness;
that he wills for us to be free, to be blessed, to be whole, to be saved from sin, evil and death.
They begin to consider God has a plan and every individual has a role, a part, a contribution.
They begin to consider God has a purpose for us and promises a destiny.
Signs may reveal to us God’s presence and God’s power
but they do not reveal to us God’s will or God’s plan or God’s commands.
Signs are all around us, but after they get our attention
they have little impact on our decisions until we understand their meaning.
The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is a sign.
But if we have no understanding of who Jesus is, or why he came to the earth,
then the sign alone has little effect on our desire to put faith in him.
And this is the crux of the Story of Salvation:
not just believing God exists…but putting faith in him. 
Trusting him with the destiny of our lives.
Faith comes through hearing.  This is proclaimed and attested to throughout the scriptures.
Then why do we constantly ask God for signs?  What is necessary is that we ask God for wisdom…
for the ability to understand the connection of our life and decisions with happiness and peace.
Our prayer: “O Lord, save me from pursuing what is trivial and unimportant.  Speak Your Word to my mind and heart that I may understand what You want of me and put faith in what You reveal.  Grant me a spirit that acknowledges and accepts the greatness of Your Son Jesus Christ.  For He is Lord forever and ever…Amen!”