The Church of Saint Agnes

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The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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21st Week in Ordinary Time

Sat, 09/02/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

What does God want?  He wants to be in eternal communion with every person he creates.
God’s desire, God’s will, God’s plan…is that every created soul share in His eternal glory.
God wants every single human soul to abide with Him forever in heaven.
Over and above all things, God wants every single human soul to freely choose to love Him.
God’s plan is fulfilled and perfected if and when every soul goes to heaven.
It is important to understand and remember this.
As disciples of Jesus Christ we are waiting for the fulfillment of his promise:
“I will return. And when I do, I will bring the fullness of God’s Kingdom.
When I come there will judgment.”
Those unworthy of the Kingdom will be separated from those who are worthy.
Those who are worthy will be rewarded.  Those who are unworthy will be punished.
What makes someone worthy of the Kingdom?
Love in the heart?  Good works?  Living in the light of truth?  Faithfulness to tradition?
Obedience to divine commands?  Knowledge of Scripture?  Spiritual maturity?
The promotion of peace and justice?  Making the world a better place?
The avoidance of sin and cooperation with grace?
I believe “doing God’s will” best sums up, best describes what makes a person worthy
of entering the Kingdom of God.  Those who do God’s will will be admitted to the Kingdom.
According to today’s parable, worthiness of the Kingdom is associated with increase.
“Doing God’s will” has something to do with increase.
More specifically, “doing God’s will” has to do with the increase of faith.
The only reason we have the desire to be here this morning,
the only reason we have the ability to believe,  is because God has given us the gift of faith.
If you think about it, faith isn’t really a gift, given to us unconditionally.
God doesn’t say “do whatever you want with what I give you.”
God says “I entrust this to your care.  I will hold you responsible not just to keep is safe,
but to increase what I have given you.
At the time of judgment, you will have to account for the faith I have given you.”
Will any of us be able to say on the day of Judgment, on the day of accounting:
“see Lord, I have increased my faith”?
I suspect that if we say this to God on the day of our judgment
He will say to us “you lazy, wicked servant”.
And he will say this because
the purpose of the Christian life is not solely to protect our own souls from the fires of Hell.
If we are concerned about and invest our faith so as to assure our own salvation
we have not done God’s will.
God’s will is the salvation of all souls, not just our own.
Saving our own soul lends itself to pride. 
It is rather selfish and self-centered to work to save our own rear ends.
The trustworthy servant of God invests his/her faith, risks his/her faith,
in order to increase the faith of others.
If we are to imitate Jesus Christ, if we are to do the work of Jesus Christ,
if we are to participate in the mission of Jesus Christ,
then we must choose to sacrifice and to die for the salvation of others’ souls.
If we do not believe that what God has given us is meant for the eternal good of others
then somehow our faith is deficient.
Our Christian purpose, our Christian responsibility
is to increase the faith of others by our words, actions, behaviors;
by our living, our dispositions, our example, our choices, our goodness, our love.
If we bury the faith God entrusts to our care, hide it in the darkness; if we do not let our light shine;
if we do not do what is necessary to promote an increase of faith in others
then we are destined to be treated by God like the “one talent” servant.
The Gospel indicates clearly…if our faith does not produce an increase
then we will face a tragic judgment.
Today’s prayer:  “O Lord, You are faithful to Your promises.  May Your divine will continue to inspire us, continue to motivate us, to participate in Your plan of salvation.  Help us to know how to live our faith, give us the courage to live our faith, so as to contribute to the eternal wellbeing of others.  Amen!”