The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sun, 10/16/2016
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

One day, the voice of the church, will go silent.
The proclamation of the Gospel,
the announcement of the Good News of Jesus Christ,
the message of God’s salvation,
the call to righteousness, to moral response, to live in justice and truth…
these will no longer echo from church pulpit, from Catholic TV and radio stations,
from pope or bishop or priest.
Does this cause you alarm?  It shouldn’t!
It should cause you great joy and rejoicing.
The voice of the church will not go silent because its enemies have been victorious,
that by force they have removed this social irritation with its demands and restrictions
once and for all from the public eye.
No, the voice of the church will go silent because God is faithful
and fulfills His promise.
For the voice of the church will go silent when Jesus Christ returns in glory,
when human history as we know it will come to end,
when the Kingdom of God is established in its fullness
at the dawning of the New Age.
It will be a great day of vindication for believers who remain steadfast in faith,
who suffer through persecution never letting go of the cross,
who continue the work of Jesus Christ in the face of rejection and humiliation,
who do not concede or compromise or accommodate or make concession
with wickedness and immorality
in order to win the acceptance and praise of non-believers,
in order to live comfortably under the banner that says
“everyone has the right to do what they please”.
Did anyone here help put all those crosses on our front lawn?
I’m not talking about taking the time to construct, to cut and paint the wood,
to secure the pieces together, to help deliver them
and then hammering them into the ground.
I’m asking this:
did anyone here help put all those innocent, helpless human beings in their graves?
Is anyone here responsible, will anyone here claim responsibility,
has anyone here directly or indirectly participated in ending the life of human offspring,
stopping the heartbeat, dismembering the flesh, stealing from a conceived child his or her birthright, keeping a soul created by God from seeing the light of day, misusing your power to destroy a unique and non-repeatable human existence in its totally dependent founding?
We’re not just pulling weeds here.
I’m talking about intentional annihilation,
mercilessly vanquishing a human life from the face of the earth.
I’m talking about making yourself God….playing God….
determining who lives and who dies.
I offer no apology for asking such questions.
It is foolish, arrogant and the height of human hubris, human pride,
to think there will be no consequences
for the intentional killing of so many children. 
There are and there will be. 
Nature itself will find a way to correct such a violation of created order.
Abortion is wickedness, pure and simple.
On a religious level, a spiritual level,
it is a sign that God has been abandoned. 
On a cultural, nationalistic level,
the heritage of this land is now poisoned; it has become gross, defiled.
I have no doubt, future generations will suffer greatly as a result.
Death leads to death.
I don’t think any of us really understand what we have lost.
The blood of the innocents cries out to God for vindication, for justice.
“Why, O Lord, why did this happen to us?  Who is at fault?  Who is to blame?
Why is no one standing at our graves weeping for our loss?
Why do so few people take up our cause, speak up for our right to live?
Why do so many people allow the strong to destroy the weak?
Why are so many people indifferent and close their eyes to our plight?
Are they cowards?  Have they become totally shameless?
Have they lost the very thing that makes them human?”
God surely hears this cry. 
And his wrath is burning. 
And those who are guilty of such devastation will stand before Him.
And now they, like human life at its very beginning,
they will be helpless for there is no one to come to their aid. 
And they shall receive the sentence they imposed upon their children:  destruction. 
They will not see the light of eternal day. 
They will not be born into the Kingdom. 
And their names on earth will be forgotten.  It will be as if they never existed.
And God will restore to those destroyed innocent children their rights
and allow them to be born into his Kingdom.
In November, if we can’t vote for a future
where our leaders will have character and virtue and integrity and intelligence
then I believe we can ease our troubled conscience
by voting for life, for the right to exist. There is no greater good.
I say all this with conviction but also with humility and some embarrassment.
The moral voice of the church has been weakened,
has diminished in credibility, there has been an erosion of its integrity
with the revelation of the sexual abuse of children by clergy.
Why should anyone listen to an institution
that failed to protect children from ordained spiritual leaders,
that continues to fail to secure victim’s rights to justice?
To pretend this in-house violation against humanity isn’t important
while the issue of abortion is given prominence
is a sad contradiction
and proof that as human beings we resist acknowledging the ugly truth.
The danger in all this is that we, human beings, become so dehumanized
our ill treatment of one another, the degradation of ourselves, becomes shameless.
We no longer feel emotion, positive or negative, when we engage in sin.
We lose a sense of personal honor, personal dignity, personal integrity.
Like the widow in today’s Gospel, God keeps returning to us, to the church, to the world
seeking vindication, seeking justice for the helpless, the innocent….for children.
“This isn’t the way of life”  God says.
With faithfulness and in love God shines a light on matters hidden in darkness.
Hoping.  Praying….that the human race will concede to his wishes
and do the right thing….not because it’s convenient
but because it reflects what honor and justice are meant to reflect.
God says to us over and over again “remember who you are!”
God cares about his creation, his people that he is persistent.
God will never stop bothering us, never ever, when it comes to justice
especially for the helpless.
The coming of God’s kingdom cannot be stopped, will not be stopped.
The question is:  will the Lord find faith when he comes in glory?
Our prayer for today:
O Lord, forgive the sin in our land.  Show mercy to the ignorant and give courage to those who would speak up and be a voice for the voiceless.  Help us to respect and cherish the life you give.  Amen!”