The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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31st Week in Ordinary Time

Tue, 11/07/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

The eschatological banquet is our destiny.
For any and all Christians, for any and all believers in Jesus Christ,
the goal of life is to be raised up from the grave and given a seat at the table of the Lord in heaven.
This is what we all look forward to.
We have received the invitation.  It’s part of the Gospel message of Salvation.
But receiving the invitation and responding to the invitation are separate realities.
A question of major concern, now that we have received the invitation is
“how do we get from where we are right now to where we want to end up after all is said and done?
How shall we proceed from here?”
An important part of our Christian consciousness is that
as human beings we yearn to be in communion with God.  Accepting Jesus Christ as the Son of God,
we believe that this yearning for communion with the divine
finds its ultimate expression and fulfillment in and through Christ:
in his commands, in his example, in his teaching, and through his sacrifice.
As such, the greatest good in life is pursuing communion in and with Christ
which entails the element of relationship with each other.
Today’s parable brings us to what I believe is the greatest obstacle we face
as far as the fulfilment of our Christian destiny goes; and this obstacle is…..busyness.
The guests invited to the king’s banquet were too busy to attend when all was ready.
They became overly occupied with other worldly matters,
and weren’t willing to set them aside as being less important.
This gets expressed in our lives when we come to the conclusion that
what we are doing is more important than what God is doing.
Put another way, the narrowness of human ego which feels forever threatened,
eagerly grasps for itself while it excludes what is other than itself.
Put still another way, the greatest good is the pursuit of self-interests.
What is it that we should be seeking in life?  It’s not busyness.
We have all become clones of Martha—we are busy about many things.
Few of us become imitators of Mary….sitting at the feet of Jesus.
We are so busy on the outside we have no time to focus on what’s on the inside.
The constant activity of our minds and our hands
keeps us from being receptive to the world around us…
keeps us from being receptive to the reality of creation….
where we become content to let things take their natural course.
We become so busy altering the world that we take no time to understand the world.
All this striving does little to contribute to our enjoyment of life.
It doesn’t bring us to a happy and cheerful affirmation of our own being.
The world would have us think that we will impress God when we meet him by saying
“look at all the things I’ve accomplished”. 
But God will say to us “that wasn’t your purpose. 
Your purpose was to be human, to enjoy the blessings you received, to participate, to love.”
Our world as well as our personal lives will not be saved by facts and knowledge
and obsessive attention to all the practical matters of life..
Salvation comes through love, wisdom, understanding and truth.
The invitation is to be in communion with God throughout life and not just at the end of life.
Today’s prayer:  “O Lord, rescue us from meaningless busyness.  May all that we choose to do in this life be related to our destiny of being in eternal communion with You.  Help us to set aside what we are doing so as to participate more fully in what You are doing.  Amen!”