The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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33rd Week in Ordinary Time

Fri, 11/18/2016
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

While on retreat a number of years ago,
I was asked to celebrate Sunday Mass and to preach at the local church.
Afterward the people were grateful for my words,
for my attentiveness to speaking clearly,
and my spiritual presence.
I could read between the lines at bit.  I provided for them something they longed for.
They would have liked me to stay.
Later that day, the priest assigned to that church made it clear to me
that he didn’t appreciate my presence.
He said something like “you come here for one Sunday.  You stir up the people and you make me look bad.”  It was obvious he wasn’t happy.
I don’t know what was going on in the mind and heart of this priest,
but it seems to be similar to what was going on in the hearts and minds of the religious leaders
when Jesus came to the Temple and taught the people.
We are not told what Jesus was teaching the people.
We know that for the chosen people of God, the Temple was the place of true worship.
It was the place for where God was present among the people
and the place where  instruction was given as to the will of God.
Being the true teacher of God’s ways,
whatever Jesus was saying, however he was saying it, he touched the hearts of the people…
satisfied some spiritual hunger that the current religious leaders failed to provide.
The sheep had found their true shepherd.
By driving out the sellers, Jesus makes it clear
that things were being permitted in the Temple area
that tainted and corrupted and interfered with and distracted the people
from true prayer and worship of God.
It is only speculation, but based up what Jesus taught throughout his journey,
Jesus spoke of the Father’s love for his people
and he challenged the people to respond to that love with whole-hearted sincerity.
He did not belittle the people for their failures and shortcomings.
He did not burden the people with impossible religious tasks.
But He invited them to honestly present themselves to God
with a willingness to grow,
asking from God what they had not yet come to know about
with regards to faithfulness and obedience and fulfillment of the covenant.
In a way he said “this is how God sees you, as his beloved children.
This is what God is asking of you: to set aside what is passing
and pursue instead what is eternal and everlasting.
This is what God provides:  a light in the darkness.
This is what God promises:  salvation.”
As we come to the end of this church year, we ponder our destiny.
Where will we wind up?  Where do we want to end our life’s journey?
What does the world say about this journey and this destiny?
What does God say about this journey and this destiny?
Our prayer today:  “Help us, O Lord, to realize that nothing on this earth can satisfy our spiritual longing.  Help us to understand that our heart’s true hunger is eternal communion with you.   Increase within us that love which binds us to Your Son Jesus Christ.  Amen!”