The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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34th Week in Ordinary Time

Fri, 11/25/2016
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

Three great blessings.  We have received three great blessings.
1.) the gift of life i.e., our human existence.
2.) the gift of new life in Jesus Christ which comes to us through Baptism.
3.) the gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ which is promised to all who follow him / remain faithful to him.
As we took time yesterday to give thanks, I hope we all acknowledged and expressed gratitude and appreciation for these blessings.
From the broader scope of world history, the greatest blessing received by the human race,
is the revelation made by God to humanity in and through the coming of the His Son, Jesus Christ.
Again, I hope we all acknowledged and expressed gratitude and appreciation for this blessing.
In a very formal way, as Catholics, we celebrate “thanksgiving” every time we gather for Mass.
In a nutshell, Jesus reiterates and affirms that it is God who oversees human history.
The goal of both our personal history and of human history is “goodness”.
The ultimate goal, the meaning and value of human activity, is found in the achievement of goodness.
Society, politics, culture, economics: the best of conditions and situations are established for humanity when these endeavors strive for goodness.
When goodness is not the aim, then times and conditions and situations become dark
with unrest, destruction, hatred, oppression.
As Catholics, as members of the Church, we bring the truth of Jesus Christ to our worldly endeavors
to help guide human activity towards it’s God created ends of goodness.
Our work is motivated,  not by competition for limited resources,
not by a quest for self-importance nor the selfish accumulation of material goods…
not by self-seeking advantage and privilege.
Our work is motivated by the promises of our faith:  by accepting God’s reign over our lives,
by allowing the Spirit of Jesus to live in our hearts, by living in love, by living with gratitude,
by emulating the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, by serving our neighbor,
by dying to temporal wants and desires, and rising to embrace what is eternal….
by being motivated by these things, our work is participation in God’s divine plan
and will benefit our common human efforts,
will help to cultivate a future that brings us all to a goodness that will last forever.
Our work, our activity, is motivated by a conviction that a world deformed by sin
can be and is being reshaped and transformed by divine grace.
Our gospel today is about the promised future.  We await the glorious manifestation of Jesus Christ.
We know not the time for this consummation; nor do we know how all things will be transformed.
We must patiently wait for God’s plan to unfold.
What are we to be doing as we wait?  We are to be courageous and confident in our faith.
We are to endure in our charity and compassion.  We are to persevere in obedience to God’s commands.  We are to stand tall as faithful disciples, heads held high to greet and welcome him
who will pass judgment upon our lives.
We know these things because we have heard and accepted the words of Jesus Christ.
They are goodness and they are truth.  And goodness and truth are of God.
Jesus’ words will never pass away because they are the words of God.
And God is eternal.
Our prayer for today:  “O Lord, awaken our faith, deepen our knowledge, renew our desire to live in Your goodness and truth.  Continue to make Yourself known to us through the words of Jesus Your Son.  Inspire within us a new longing for and a new hope in what You promise.  May our work promote and contribute to the coming of Your Kingdom in all of its glory.  Amen!”