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The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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3rd Week of Advent

Thu, 12/15/2016
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

There is a time to tear down.  There is a time to build up.  Now is the time for both.
If you make an addition to your current residence, which is what I am suggesting,
you’ll need to tear down some of the existing structure.
Now is the time to update your home.
And yes, I get a commission if you choose to follow my advice.
Think for a moment, you can remodel or you can expand.
I encourage you to expand, to increase your cramped living space.
Additional space will open your world to new possibilities.
With an addition you can house an extra family member,
be it a boomerang millennial or an elderly parent.
I mean “when it comes to family you can’t attach a price tag.”
And you will now have that place for out of town guests that you’ve always wanted.
You could rent out the new space.  We could all use some extra income.
An addition might add value to your home.
And it’s cheaper and less aggravating than moving…
with packing, hiring movers and rearranging all your stuff.
An addition can add luxury to your home, make room for all those lavish extras
allowing you to indulge in things that bring satisfaction and comfort.
And an addition like a sunroom can add natural lighting to surrounding areas.
A brighter space can inspire a brighter outlook.
Let’s face it.  Your current living space is too small.  There’s not enough room.
Merely getting rid of all the junk just won’t do.   Merely rearranging the furniture just won’t do.
Things are about to change and if you want to change with the times
you’re going to need more space, more room, a bigger place.
All this expansion talk isn’t my idea.
Today’s scripture readings encourage us to expand, urge us to create more space
not because we want to or even need to…
but because God wants us to;  God needs us to.
God wants us to increase our living space, our spiritual living space.
God wants us to widen and broaden and lengthen and deepen our hearts.
Why?  Because God wants to move in.  God wants to take up residence with us. 
He wants to stay permanently and not just visit for a while.
And our current space situation just doesn’t cut it.  Our current spiritual living space is wanting.
It’s time to build an addition.
The bigger the addition, the more God will fill us with the satisfaction and comfort
of things like truth, goodness, virtue, love, inner peace, justice and righteousness.
With a bigger heart we will be able to welcome additional guests.
We will be able to accommodate those looking for a place to rest without fear of condemnation.
We can be like the tax collectors and through transformation make room for God in our lives.
Or we can be like the Pharisees and scholars of the law and evict God, turn Him away
because his plans are not in agreement with our plans. 
The arrival of Jesus Christ is changing things.
To welcome this change is to be willing to tear down and to build up.  Advent is the time for both.
Our prayer for today:  “O Lord, may the words of John the Baptist “Prepare the way” become my Advent song, become my Advent desire, become my Advent project.  Amen!”