The Church of Saint Agnes

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The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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3rd Week in Ordinary Time

Fri, 01/27/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

One of the greatest sources of evil in this world is human ignorance.
This is especially true regarding ignorance of virtue, which in turn is really ignorance of God.
Ignorance is a matter of not knowing essentials, the basics.
When there is ignorance of law, ignorance of the forces of good and evil,
the absence of knowledge essential to the salvation of the soul,  there is wickedness.
One of the consequences of ignorance:  the absence of a true direction for one’s life.
Ignorance occurs when the intoxication of the senses hold human beings captive.
Ignorance occurs when people forget about God.
And we are reminded every day:  an ignorant people is an uncivilized people.
The opposite of ignorance is understanding.  Those who are ignorant lack understanding.
Understanding comes through knowledge.  Knowledge comes through learning.
As human beings, we are created to learn.  We are required to learn.  Those who do not learn perish.
One of the purposes of our brain is to store information, not only memories but knowledge.
Unfortunately our brains, in and of themselves,
cannot distinguish right information from wrong information,
good information from bad information, true information from false information.
Arrogance says:  “everything I know is true and anything which contradicts what I know is false.”
Where does arrogance come from?  …from ignorance.
Now I believe the statement: the truth is out there.  There is an objective universal eternal truth.
Because of the limitations of our humanity, our understanding of the truth
always, always, always requires updating, reform, revision, adjustment.
We do this by pursuing knowledge, most importantly,  the knowledge of good and evil.
Goodness is not like the seed which grows automatically.  It must be fostered, cultivated, refined.
We must learn to do the good, to choose the good.
I hear people say “I want to do what is good.”
If you are not actively and consciously pursuing knowledge, then I’m sorry,
you remain spiritually uncivilized
and in your ignorance you will cause more harm than good.
As Christians, our understanding of and pursuit of goodness is founded on faith in divine providence.
God is good.  We place our hopes in God’s goodness.
To share in God’s life is to share in His goodness.
One of the fundamental goals of the Christian life is to participate in the victory of good over evil
as this made manifest through Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.
At the end of each day we should be able to give an account of ourselves to God and ourselves:  “this is how good overcame evil in my life today!”  not according to serendipity,
not according to chance, but according to intention and purpose.
A life of purpose is a life lived with the intention of overcoming evil with goodness.
This cannot and does not happen as long as we remain ignorant.
Ongoing Christian conversion requires movement from ignorance to knowledge and understanding
One of our responsibilities as human beings, and definitely as Christians,
is to grow in understanding by increasing our knowledge. 
It is God’s will that the Christian community should silence, by good acts,
the ignorance of those who are without understanding.
Today’s prayer:  “O Lord, continue to reveal to us the truth of Your love and salvation.  Help us to grow in our knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ Your Son.  May the goodness of our lives give glory to Your name.  Amen!”