The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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4th Sunday of Advent

Sun, 12/21/2014
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this important news bulletin:
A cry of joy could be heard throughout the heavens.
Angels, saints and all heavenly hosts
poured into the streets
dancing, singing, celebrating.
The day finally arrived.  They had waited for centuries.
God's plan for the earth would now begin its most important stage.
The gates of heaven, closed by human choice,
would be opened once again through human choice.
All because of one simple word:  Yes!
The girl said yes!
Anticipation ran high throughout the night.
Heaven's citizens were glued to their TV sets.
Many expressed concern:  Would Gabriel be able to find the one he sought?
Even if he did, there was always the possibility of rejection.
From the beginning, some of God's advisors were against such an ill-conceived plan.
Asking a 14 year old was a great risk.
"Teenagers are unreliable"  they said.  "Ask an adult.  They're more mature."
Such protests were considered.
But in the end, events proceeded according to God's will.
The angel Gabriel was selected to find the girl….ask the question.
There were doubts his mission would succeed.
….with so many places to many people....
Most angels would have gone directly to Jerusalem, God's holy city:
holy people are to be found near holy places.
Not Gabriel.  He was the best.  He knew things weren't always what they seemed. 
Who would have thought to look in an insignificant backwater town?
Population: 150.  Nazareth, of all places.
But there she was.
Tensions mounted
as Gabriel approached the innocent girl.
He was being cautious, you could tell.
He didn't want to frighten her.
It's not every day angels speak to humans.
The situation was delicate.
The message would cause confusion, to say the least.
Personal dreams would have to be set aside in a heart beat.
Future possibilities hinged on his well chosen words.
Gabriel's delivery was flawless.
For a moment, however, Mary hesitated.
Everyone in heaven held their breath as seconds ticked by.
"She's thinking.  That's good."
Even God paused an eternal moment.  Hoping.  Praying.
All was still.
Then the words came, like honey being poured out, rich and sweet.
"Be it done to me according to your will,"  she said.
Whoops and hollers echoed throughout the heavens.
Stars danced.
Celestial bodies beamed with joy.
The light would shine in history once again.
It was the dawning of a new day.
And the darkness shuddered as the seed was planted.
Upon Gabriel's return to his heavenly abode
congratulations and accolades were exchanged.
But something out of the ordinary then took place:  a conference was called.
"If other angels could learn from this expert messenger," God explained.
"Imagine what the world would be like
if more people were convinced to cooperated with grace.
Imagine what could be accomplished
if more people agreed to allow my spirit to work in them and through them.
Maybe they don't realize they have a choice."
Saying so, God got a far-away look in his eyes.
Then and there God made a decision:
Angels would be sent to every man, woman and child.
These were not to return until their task was completed.
Convincing human hearts would be difficult.
Past failures and current doubts harden like cement.
Heroic dreams and desires give way to mediocrity and comfort.
The voices of the world drown out the messages of angels.
But God knew, "It could work!"
The angels were sent….to gnaw away at the edges of human awareness.
At first they made their way
to the town of Bethlehem.
They witnessed the birth of the child of God's promise.
The beauty of it all inspired them to sing, chorus after chorus.
Glory!  Hosanna!  Peace!
With the fire of joy on their tongues they went.
The first were humble shepherds and surprisingly, learned pagan astrologers.
It wasn't long before numbers swelled:
Fishermen, tax collectors, prostitutes, wealthy women,
parents, tentmakers, doctors, farmers.  All believed it was possible.
All volunteered.
All recognized and cooperated with the mystery of God within.
All said "yes" when asked "will you change your plans for me?"
Angels still roam the earth
whispering into human ears
nudging men beyond self-imposed limitations...
encouraging women to embrace the unexpected....
enticing the young and old....
to change the course of their personal history.
And every time someone hears an angel's appeal,
pushes past fear and doubt….
responds "Yes…Yes, I will cooperate with grace!"
the world is transformed.
God smiles a cosmic smile.
The Kingdom of peace is one person closer
to its fulfillment.
His plan is that much closer to its consummation.
We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.
Further developments in our story will be reported as they occur.