The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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5th Week of Lent

Fri, 04/07/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

Through the Season of Lent we hear a lot about sin.  Sin is the opposite of faith.
Faith unites us with God; sin separates us from God.
Faith connects us with God; sin alienates us from God.
Faith in God fulfills us; it perfects us; makes us whole human beings.
It is a bridge that connects our finite lives to the infinite mystery of God.
Sin violates our human dignity.  It degrades us, dehumanizes us.
It is a wall, an obstacle that stands between us and our promised destiny.
Faith clarifies.  It celebrates the presence of the light.  It seeks to see the truth and live in the truth.
Sin clouds our vision.  It confuses and disorients.  Its companion is darkness….
where things remain hidden….where there is no truth, no accountability, no responsibility.
Where faith integrates us…pulls all the pieces of our life together and holds them together,
sin disintegrates us, fragments us, causes us to fall apart.
Think of a jigsaw puzzle:  faith puts the pieces of life together in their proper order….
an order that is divinely determined. 
God has already put a picture on the box showing us what the completed puzzle will look like.
Faith is a matter of looking at that picture in order to remind ourselves what we are becoming.
Sin scatters the pieces of life.  It causes chaos.  It disorders our life.
It makes us feel like everything is falling apart. 
It prevents the pieces of life from coming together in their proper order.
And/or it convinces us that we determine what the order of life is,
that we supply our own picture as to what we want our lives to look like.
A life of faith leads us to happiness, peace, security in God, hopefulness, satisfaction.
A life of sin leads us to unhappiness, conflict, hostility, unrest, insecurity, despair, discontent, misery.
No one’s life is automatic, per se.  We are not programed like a computer at conception or birth.
Our lives don’t just unfold without our consent, without effort.  We’re not just along for the ride.
We must determine what our life will be:  a life of faith or a life of sin.
According to the formal dictates of the Christian faith, according to Christian doctrine,
God, the creator of all things, has sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to be Savior.
What does Jesus save us from?  Our sin; our slavery to sin; the darkness of sin.
We can accept this…accept Jesus Christ, or we can reject Jesus Christ.
To grow in faith, which is our major objective during the Season of Lent,
has to do with adding something new to our lives.  It has to do with increase.
It has to do with maturity.  It has to do with becoming wiser, more committed, more attentive.
God promises us…. a new spirit, and new heart.  These are not things we accidently stumble upon.
Through grace, we actively seek a new way of being in communion with God.
We actively seek the source of the fountain of life.
We actively seek a new way of living in this world.
We actively seek a new way of seeing, a new way of thinking, a new way of understanding.
We actively seek a new encounter with divine love.
We actively seek a new meaning, a new purpose for our living.
We actively seek a new freedom, a new hope, and a new experience of being.
The stories we hear in the Scriptures remind us, assure us:  in God, in Jesus Christ, new life is possible.
We don’t have to remain where we are; and we don’t have to remain at the mercy of a world
searching for love in all the wrong places.
Today’s prayer:  “O Lord, there is a longing, a yearning in my soul.  I renew my desire, my intention, to seek the fullness of life in Your Son Jesus Christ.  For he is the source of everlasting joy.  Amen!”