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The Church of Saint Agnes
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6th Sunday of Easter

Sun, 05/21/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

I celebrated the wedding of a St. Agnes parishioner several weeks ago.
I decided I wanted to sing as part of the homily.
So I asked the couple if they knew this song:  “Some…”
That’s all I gave them.  The first word and first note of the song.
Can you name that tune in one note?  “Some….”
Most people cannot name a song with just the opening note and word.
Herein is a lesson:  life is a song.  Marriage is a song.
Its meaning.  Its purpose. Its fulfillment.
Its success or failure cannot be reduced to one word, one choice,
one mistake, one failure, one broken promise.
Don’t let today’s mishap, accident, unseen hardship or unpleasant mood
prevail over the reality
that a summit with a breathtaking view lies just over tomorrow’s horizon.
Don’t let a pause in the music be misinterpreted as the end of the song.
Don’t mistake a temporary eclipse for permanent darkness.
Let life be the song that it is. It will play out.”
(As an aside, today, if you happen to be near the end….make it glorious.)
Back to the song….
It goes like this “Some, enchanted evening….”
Shall I continue?
Probably best for all present if I stopped here.
It’s a song from the musical “South Pacific” by Rodgers and Hammerstein.
You see some stranger across a crowded room…and you know, as if by magic,
you will see this person again and again.
You will hear the person’s laughter in your dreams.  And it will be magic.
Fools will try to explain it.  The wise never try….because it’s magic.
You find your true love…and you fly to each other’s side…and claim each other.
And you never let this person go….because it’s magic.
I turned to the couple and said:
“I hope, my friends, that
you have not become enchanted with each other….
that as you look into each other’s eyes,
and whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ear
And touch your fingers upon each other’s cheek
….I hope you don’t feel the magic.
Let me explain:  to be enchanted, is to be bewitched.
To be bewitched is to be attracted to and moved deeply by….
it is to have our admiration aroused….by magic.
To believe in magic
is to believe in supernatural powers that have influence over natural forces.
Magic entails belief in powers and possibilities that are not of God.
Anything that is magic is not of God.  
Therefore, to be enchanted is a form of idolatry.”
I continued:  “I hope that as you sit here next to one another,
at the threshold of celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage,
I hope that you are not enchanted…but disenchanted
and that you remain disenchanted throughout your life together.
To be disenchanted is to be freed from illusion, from deception.
The human mind and heart are prone to believing things that just aren’t true.
This is what happened to Adam and Eve.
They were convinced to choose illusion over truth.”
This is the basis of all sin, choosing what is not true.
This brings us to today’s gospel.
The truth is:  love is not magic.  It never has been nor will it ever be.
In marriage, in family life, in this community of believers, in our social interactions…
love is not magic.
Love is God.
God is the supernatural force that brings us together in loving relationship.
God is the supernatural force that keeps us together in loving relationship.
To love, whether it’s God, ourselves, or others
is to see truth and choose truth
over and above illusion,
over and above delusion,
over and above deception.
Illusion is seeing something that isn’t there…
or not seeing something that is there.
Delusion is believing something about ourselves that is not true.
Deception is purposely withholding or hiding or exaggerating facts for whatever purpose.
As human beings we desire love. We search for love.  We hunger for love.
If we don’t know what love is
How will we know where to look for it?
How will we know when we’ve found it?
In your day to day routine, where do you look for God’s love?
Where do you go to find God’s love?
I read stories about love, about the power of love, every day on my Facebook News Feed:
someone donates a kidney to a stranger;
someone goes out of their way to help someone in need;
someone risks their own life to rescue a flood victim;
someone adopts a homeless orphan.
Where do you look for love?  Where do you find love?
The most important place, as far as finding love, is in our own heart.
The most important place to find God’s love….is in our own heart.
The most important place to be truthful, to be free of illusion and deception,
to see things for what they really are….is in our own heart.
To love ourselves, which is one of the commands of the Gospel,
is to be honest and truthful with ourselves. 
Love is part of who we are as human beings.
It has always been there.  It will always remain part of us.
If you say to yourself “I can’t see, I can’t feel love in my heart…”
then either it is covered over by hatred and can’t be seen…
(think of how a coat of paint can cover beautiful wood)
or it has not yet been awakened.
It’s there.  It just has to be activated, energized, turned on. Then it needs to be fostered/protected.
When it awakens, you’ll know.
And it is possibly for awakened love to fall back asleep.
When we say “Jesus loves us”
we are saying that he sees the truth of who we are.
To say that we want to know the love Jesus has for us
(which is really what we want because even the devil knows Jesus loves us)
is to invite him into our heart so that he can reveal the truth to us.
Because Jesus loves us he wants us to be free of sin...
he wants us to free of our illusions, our delusions, our deception.
This is what the love of Jesus does in our hearts:  it purifies…like gold tested in fire.
So, if our illusions, delusions and deceptions are not being revealed to us.
(And one of the illusions is that we don’t have any of these.
Another illusion is that we don’t need to follow the commands of Christ, that loving him is enough.)
If we aren’t growing in concern and solicitude about the presence of love in our lives,
then the fullness of the power of God’s love is not at work in our lives.
It wants to but somehow we aren’t letting it.
When the power of God’s love is at work within our capacity to love and be loved increases.
Love in the heart is as real and detectable as body heat.  It radiates outward.
With increased love comes increased joy and increased happiness and increased peace.
a wonderfully uplifting experience where we feel we have found a treasure of great worth.
It is no less than a taste of heaven.
Today’s prayer: “O Lord, remove from our lives all that hinders the work of Your love.  According to Your grace, may the love we currently have experience new growth like a plant putting forth new fruit.  Amen!”

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