The Church of Saint Agnes

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The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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6th Week of Easter

Tue, 05/23/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

One thing that has fascinated me and also perplexed me
is how the Holy Spirit “works” in the life of a believer.
More specifically, how is it that two people, who each claim to have received the Holy Spirit,
oppose each other in various, and sometimes significant, matters.
It’s the same Spirit, the Spirit of God…a Spirit that promotes the divine plan…
and yet there is disagreement and conflict between those who have received the Spirit.
This, I believe, is one of the greatest dramas within and behind the history of our Church.
Why would God send into the world a Spirit that brings disagreement and disunity?   He doesn’t.
I can only conclude that the problem (if you will) isn’t the Spirit, it’s the person.
It’s us.  It’s human beings.
(I believe to say that it’s all a mystery and we’ll never understand it so why should we try..
is a cop-out, an excuse to avoid something difficult.)
We all receive the same Spirit.
But this Spirit can only interact with what is in the individual person…
the Spirit can only interface, collaborate, inspire what is present in the person.
We are all unique creations of God.  Our soul is one of a kind.
So in some sense, the way the Spirit works in my life
can never and will never be duplicated in your life…or anyone else’s for that matter.
In the divine/human equation, the divine remains constant.
The human factor is the one that changes and adjusts, increases or decreases.
When the Holy Spirit comes upon us, is poured out on us, is added to our lives,
the influence of God, the grace of God, touches our individual humanity:
our will, character, personality, conscience;
our history, memories, knowledge, intellect, reason, gifts, morality;
our goodness, truth, love, our psychological makeup;
our virtue, our various capacities, strengths and weakness, motivations, sin;
our cooperation, awareness, repressions, dreams, interests;
our understanding, insight, interests, desires, expectations;
our beliefs, passions, fears, hopes, our perspective, convictions.
Our response to the Spirit will depend upon the maturity, content, intensity, etc
of each of these areas of life.
The Holy Spirit touches our integrity,
how all these things have come together in our life.
For example, when we say that the Sacred Scriptures are inspired,
that the Evangelists and apostles were inspired in their writing,
we don’t mean that God dictated to them word for word.
We mean that God helped them to remember what they saw and heard,
what they felt when Jesus spoke or performed a miracle.
In today’s gospel, John provides insight as to the function of the Holy Spirit, the work of the Spirit.
The Spirit exposes, brings to light sin…especially the sin of unbelief….in the conscience of the believer.
The Spirit convicts (as in a judicial process) those with false righteousness.
And the Spirit brings condemnation, punishment, to not only those who do evil,
but to those who have an evil will.
The fact of condemnation can cause the conversion of heart and repentance.
Today’s prayer:  “O Lord, it is Your divine plan that Your Holy Spirit is given to the disciples of Your Son Jesus Christ.  As faithful disciples, help us to receive what is given.  Guide us by the light of truth to the fullness of Your kingdom.  Amen!”