The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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7th Week of Easter

Thu, 05/21/2015
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

The other night, while driving home, I was on a 2-lane road,
I looked in my rear view mirror
and noticed a car coming up pretty quickly behind me.
My immediate self-response was “this person must really be in a hurry.”
Once they got to the point where they couldn’t continue their speed
because something was blocking their way….me!...
they stayed pretty close….close enough to make me feel rather uncomfortable.
I stopped at a stop sign….and I noticed the car didn’t stop at the stop sign behind me…
so I pulled over into the first driveway….and let the person pass.
And sure enough….within a short period of time….they were out of my sight.
I pulled over for two immediate reasons:
one, I had about eight miles to go and the road had few passing lanes.
I imagined that this person would have been on my tail all the way to the rectory.
Since I know from past experience that this would irritate me,
cause me to dwell on uncharitable thoughts, mumble a few colorful words under my breath,
I choose for my own benefit to “get out of this person’s way”.
I also pulled out of the way, hoping…that when this person passed
they would see my roman collar, recognized that I was a priest, feel a little embarrassed,
and come to some recognition of how they were affecting another human being.
And maybe, just maybe, change…be more conscious when driving;
…hoping the driver would come to some self-judgment about his/her behavior
and maybe become a little more cooperative and respectful while driving.
During the time of his ministry Jesus, for the most part, went unrecognized.
A handful came to truly believe in him…
but the vast majority went about their lives with little change.
As Jesus draws closer to the cross, to the time when he would no longer be in the world,
he prays for his disciples….
that through their lives, through their ministry, through their example
the world…people…would get another chance, another opportunity.
When their neighbors…even strangers…saw and heard and witnessed their lives,
the actions and behaviors of the disciples,
they would be brought to a crises, a crossroads of conscience:
they would be put in a situation where they would have to choose.
They could choose to remain the same, go about their lives as they always had.
Or they could choose to explore and maybe even embrace
this new, different way of living….the one being modeled by the disciples.
There is truth underneath the old saying “monkey see…monkey do.”
If people see bad…they might do bad.  If people see good…
they just might follow suit….and do good.
Let us make Jesus’ prayer our prayer…that we as disciples…that all disciples
will continue His mission
by challenging the world to live the Gospel through the witness we provide.
May our choices this day cause others to think of God.