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The Church of Saint Agnes
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Feast of Saint Thomas

Mon, 07/03/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

Today, Thomas receives another part of the whole.
As one of the chosen Apostles, Thomas accompanied Jesus, was instructed by Jesus,
interacted with Jesus as Jesus carried out his mission. 
Thomas was with Jesus at the Last Supper.  He witnessed Jesus hanging on the cross.
In today’s gospel, Thomas physically touches Jesus risen from the dead.
And it brings him to the greatest statement of faith any believer can have:
“Jesus, you are my Lord and my God.”
In matters of spirituality and religion, when there is no physical evidence to be had
there are two ends of the spectrum of human response: 
we can be credulous, ready to believe on slight or uncertain evidence.
Or we can be incredulous:  unwilling to accept what is offered as true.
We all fall somewhere on the continuum between these two human possibilities.
For Thomas, there is a convergence within his conscience, his awareness, his faith
of the past with the present.
Thomas saw Jesus on the cross and now he sees Jesus in his resurrected state.
Something thought impossible is shown to him to be possible.
As a consequence, the future of his life is changed forever.
Whatever Thomas believed about Jesus, who Jesus was,
is now confirmed by knowledge.
There is an interrelationship between faith and knowledge,
between faith and logic (you know, cause and effect),
between faith and reason, between faith and truth.
Faith cannot be dictated or distributed.
I cannot command you to have faith and I cannot give you some of my faith.
And I cannot guarantee you that if you saw and heard and even touched Jesus
when he was in his physical human state…that you would put faith in him.
Many people saw him, heard him, touched him and outright rejected him.
A temptation is to reduce faith in Jesus Christ to our personal, individual experience.
In other words, the way I have come to faith and have grown in faith
is and should be the standard of measurement for everyone.
Another temptation is to reduce faith in Jesus to a function
and that function is to get us into heaven.
I do what I do in faith in the present because I want to go to heaven…
for in heaven Jesus will be my Lord and my God.
Thomas acknowledges Jesus as his Lord and God in his present life.
And because Jesus is Lord and God of Thomas’ earthly life,
Thomas will walk a certain path according to obedience to his Lord.
Faith in Jesus is part of the whole of life.
It adds to and contributes to the fullness of life as we live it in the present.
There’s more to life than faith, but faith is the central part,
the organizing principle, the greatest priority,
the lens through which our experience is interpreted and understood.
Jesus provides a message for future believers, for us.
“Blessed are those will not see me as you see me, who will not see or touch my risen body,
and even so, will put their faith in me.”
Our prayer today:  “O Lord, through the grace and Spirit of Your Son, Jesus Christ, continue to build us up in faith.  Inspire us to choose to live according to the faith we profess and keep us mindful that life without faith is a life lived in darkness.  Amen!”

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