The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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Feast of Saint Thomas the Apostle

Fri, 07/03/2015
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

I am like Thomas.  I don’t trust second hand stories.
I too would have demanded proof other than someone else’s account.
My experience tells me to take what people say with a “grain of salt”.
People often exaggerate or embellish, fabricate, stretch the truth.
People can misinterpret, misunderstand, fill in the blanks with their own wishful thinking…
gloss over important things and highlight the insignificant just to support their point of view,
or promote their own agenda.
Stories and accounts can be overstated by those who are theatrical,
those who freely make use of drama.
Maybe you’re like Thomas in these same respects.
Our suspicions begin to take root at an early age
when mom or dad are feeding us, trying to get us to eat…
and they say “mmmm, these turnips are yummy.”
And when put in our mouth, we pull our face up in a grimace and say (if we could)
“are you nuts.  This stuff taste’s awful.”
And the next time our parents say “this tastes great” we say “yea, right.
I’ll decide on my own, thank you very much.”
On Thomas’s part, the answer is “yes”.
“Yes Lord, I have come to believe because I have seen you.
And not only that, I have touched you.”
Thomas may have doubted the account of the other disciples.
but he could not doubt the Lord himself.
We shouldn’t really be that perplexed when we express our faith in Jesus Christ
and others say “I’m skeptical.”
We become concerned for our loved ones, our children,
when we share with them our faith and they treat us like we have three heads.
Faith cannot be forced.  It must be accepted in freedom.
We can ask others to join us in prayer, at Mass,
to gather with us and see for themselves, experience for themselves,
the Lord we have come to know.
Until they taste and see the goodness of the Lord for themselves,
their name will be Thomas.
We hope that others, especially our loved ones, will come to faith in Jesus Christ.
But the world we live in is full of competing beliefs and lifestyles.
Some of the evidence, the proof others need is to be found in our living.
By our words and actions, by our virtuous practices and religious habits,
others must somehow be convinced
that living as Catholics makes more sense—is more reasonable,
more dignified,  more honorable, more fulfilling, more life-giving,
more human, more loving, more meaningful, more uplifting,
more redeeming, more self-actualizing, more satisfying—
than any other option available to them in the world.
This morning I offer you this blessing:
May God, whose home is in heaven
bless your life
and surround you in that shelter which is the Holy Spirit.
With His power and grace,
may God protect you
so that no evil or harm will come near you.
With His wisdom and truth,
may God enlighten you
and give you the courage to stand firm in your faith.
With His love and mercy,
may God grant you patience and devotion
to witness to others with confidence and composure.
With His peace and His joy,
may God continue to fill your heart
with trust in His providence and hope in His saving presence
….forever and ever.  Amen!