The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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Memorial of Saint Cecilia

Tue, 11/22/2016
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

When Lord…when will my world come to an end?
When will my universe, 
(how I choose to see and understand and interpret and arrange my experiences so life makes sense to me),
when can I expect this to be washed away like a sandcastle on the seashore?
When can I expect Your promise to be fulfilled
where with one final act of divine intervention
Your will for my life, Your plan, is completed and perfected?
Let me know when, O Lord, so I know when to prepare, when to ready myself,
to pack my bags, to put the matters of my life in order.
Keep me from being deceived about this most important time in my life.
If we have concluded that we have latter today to ready ourselves,
if we have concluded that we have tomorrow, or next week,
or next year before such an event will take place,
then we have already deceived ourselves; we have allowed the world to deceive us.
When we encounter Jesus Christ, when we become aware that he is the Son of God
come into our world to bring salvation,
at that moment we are confronted with a crisis of decision:
do I hold on to my “old” life or do I accept “new” life?
Do I chose to remain in the world or do I chose the Kingdom of God and accept God’s reign over my life?
This decision is only momentary for we live in time and we are creatures blessed with the gift of freedom.
At any and every moment we chose for God or we chose for the world.
Every time we see or hear or read about or remember another human being,
every time we become aware of the existence and presence of another person,
we are faced with a the crisis of decision:
am I going to love this person or am I going to hate this person?
Am I going to accept this person as “neighbor” or am I going to reject this person as “enemy”?
There is one certainty we can count on:  this other person is a sinner.
Do I like or do I dislike?  Do I tolerate or do I condemn?
With regards to this person, do I chose to live within the Kingdom or outside the Kingdom?
The message of Jesus Christ confronts us with the divine command to love.
Regardless of the positive or negative emotions stirred up, the positive or negative thoughts,
regardless of our assessment—is this person normal or not, a threat or not a threat,
dangerous or safe,  crazy or sane—
this concrete demand to love, which is constitutive of salvation, confronts us
and will never stop confronting us until we no longer possess the faculty of consciousness.
With every human encounter, ground is gained or lost.
When we chose to love, we decide for salvation.  When we chose not to love, we decide for perdition.
We all need a radical change of heart.  We all fail to love.  We are sinners.
If we desire conversion we need to ask:  what sin is keeping me from loving this person? 
What needs to change in my living that will foster love for this person? 
Do I even desire to love this person?  Why don’t I desire to love this person?
As long as we alive the consequences of sin are reversible.
Once our personal universe comes to an end this possibility ceases to exist.
Do not be deceived.  Every present moment is the time for decision to accept salvation.
Our prayer for today: “ O Lord, through me, may those I encounter in fact or in memory, may those who come into my awareness, into my consciousness, know and experience Your love.  Amen!”