The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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Memorial of Saint Josaphat

Sat, 11/12/2016
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

I’m tempted to ask who you voted for on Tuesday…
have our own little election right here, right now.
Instead of a private ballot where everyone casts their vote confidentially,
the ballot will be public.  Raise your hand.  Take responsibility for your choice.
Your among friends after all.        Yeah…right!
I know that if I did such a thing, there would be division.  Catholic against Catholic.
It would separate us one from another.   It would cause us to be at odds.
It would stir up ill feelings that we would then carry in our hearts
for God only knows how long.
As we gather as God’s people, as we celebrate Eucharist,
we are united by the fact that Jesus Christ, and only Jesus Christ,
is the alpha and the omega of our faith.
It is he, a person, who unites us around this table….
not an election, not a political candidate, not patriotism.
It is he, a person, who binds together men and women and children of all walks of life,
of all nationalities, all ethnic groups, all races, all regions of the world.
To let political differences, economical differences, cultural differences divide us
is to let what is of lesser importance interfere with and destroy
what is of the greatest importance:  our unity in Jesus Christ;
our joint participation in his saving will;
our common discovery of and acceptance of the salvation he accomplished
by dying on the cross.
We are already on the road to glory.  We journey together.
It is foolish.  It is childish.  It is absurd to let go of precious gold
because we have different opinions about worthless rocks.
But yet that’s exactly what we do as Catholics when worldly matters are brought inside the Church.
If our faith cannot hold us together in love when it comes to our concerns about worldly matters,
then there is something deficient, something faulty, something unsound about our faith.
As a community of believers we have already found God’s salvation.
God’s divine power and mercy have already been poured out upon us.
The question is:  will we hold on to it?  Will we do what is necessary to keep it
or will we lose it, will we drop it somewhere along the way?
If we don’t appreciate our faith for what it is, if we are not grateful for what we have received,
then more than likely we will lose it because of the influence of worldly concerns.
Jesus Christ is the solution to the problem of sin and evil….
in our lives, in our country, in our world….
not Donald Trump;  not Hilary Clinton; not any political figure in human history.
Yes.  We have a responsibility as Catholics to contribute to the good of this nation.
But we have a greater responsibility as Catholics to contribute to the unity and peace
in our Church, among God’s people.
Our prayer today: “O Lord, help us to see Your Kingdom present in our midst….especially in the conversion of sinners.  Help us to appreciate the value and significance of our common faith in Jesus Your Son.  Give us grateful hearts and courageous spirits that allow us to set aside differences for the sake of the Body of Christ.  Amen!”