The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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Memorial Saint Martin of Tours

Sat, 11/11/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

I am authorized this morning to bring to your attention an investment opportunity.
I can guarantee this investment is ‘no’ risk….that’s what I said “no risk”
and it will realize appreciable returns and gains.
There is no possibility of loss, especially when it comes to inflation.
The investment I’m underwriting
will grow your portfolio, which in turn will guarantee a comfortable future for you.
I offer a bit of insider advice regarding this investment.  Beware of diversification.  It’s a distraction. 
Promoting diversification is a ploy used to raise doubts about future gains. 
It insinuates that you are foolish if you think that one stock will come through with its promised gain.
There’s no need to branch out into other areas of investment. 
The alternatives will all fall through and come to nothing in the long term.
So if you brought your check book, you can go ahead and get it out. It’s never too late to start investing.
A $3.65 investment per year would only be 1cent a day.
A $18.25 investment per year would be 5 cents a day.
A $36.50 investment per year would be 10 cents a day.
And if you really want to increase your return…a $365.00 investment per year would be $1 a day.
Don’t make the check out to me.
Make the check out to the “St. Vincent de Paul Society”.
Make the check out to the “Parish Kitchen” or to “Welcome House”.
Make the check out to the “Diocesan Parish Annual Appeal” or to “Hurricane Relief Fund”.
Do you believe in God?  Do you trust God?  Are you attentive to God’s commands?
…then share your possessions with the needy.
Invest what God has given you:  your financial resources, your material blessings…
invest these in the lives of the poor, in the lives of the less fortunate,
in the lives of those experiencing hard times.
Invest more than your surplus.  Invest your substance.  Invest your very life.
If you believe in God’s promises, then “put your money where your mouth is” as they say.
If you believe in the possibility of going to heaven, if you hope in a heavenly future,
then invest your possessions in the lives of others.
This is an eternal venture.  All ventures that promise only worldly gain will go bankrupt.
Don’t risk losing everything.  You will wind up with nothing.
One of Jesus’ commands is to give alms.  It is not a request.  It is a discipleship requirement.
How often is the disciple to give alms?  Are you ready for this?  EVERY DAY!
Not a day should go by where we don’t assist the needy in some way.
Our material possessions are not our security.
The spiritual gain that comes from helping the poor is.
Disciples who do not share their possessions will not be entrusted with what is of heaven.
This is true wealth.
If and when we refuse to let go of material wealth, we have become enslaved to it.
We have accepted it as our master.  This diminishes our loyalty to God.
We need the things of this world to survive in this world.
But the purpose of such possessions for the disciple is giving alms.
God blesses us so we in turn can share it with the poor.
This act reminds us that God saves the poor in and through His people.
We are destined for heavenly riches but this requires us to let go of earthly riches.
Today’s prayer:  “O Lord, by Your generosity we are blessed.  Protect us from greed in all of its forms.  Inspire us to use what You have given us for the benefit of others, especially the poor and needy.  Do not let our earthly possessions seduce us away from You.  Amen!”