The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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Sun, 09/17/2017 Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cain…you remember Cain.  One of the sons of Adam and Eve.
Cain killed his brother Abel.
There’s one piece of this story we never want to forget.
If the blood of anyone cries out for vengeance... Read more
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Sat, 09/16/2017 Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler Memorial of Saints Cornelius and Cyprian
Some people bring out the worst in me.
For example…when I do not observe an expected Christian response
from someone who is supposed to be exercising Christian leadership
or someone who claims to... Read more
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Fri, 09/15/2017 Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler Our Lady of Sorrows
The sword of sorrow pierces the heart.
The idea of a sword of sorrow comes from the Scriptures.
In the Gospel of Luke, Simeon indicates to Mary,
as she and Joseph bring their newborn son and... Read more
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Mon, 09/11/2017 Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler 23rd Week in Ordinary Time
With the coming of Jesus Christ, with the dawning of the Kingdom of God,
“keeping holy the Sabbath day” takes on a new meaning, a new purpose, a new understanding.
Work is prohibited on the Lord’s... Read more
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Fri, 09/08/2017 Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
The birth of a human being is a natural event.  By natural I mean within the created order of the universe.
What is natural happens, as a norm, to everyone
without the addition of or the power... Read more
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Tue, 09/05/2017 Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler 22nd Week in Ordinary Time
Since the children are back in school, I thought we would have a test this morning.
How many virtues can you name?
Think about it for a moment.  Use your fingers to count if necessary.... Read more
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