The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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Holy Week

Mon, 04/10/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

Welcome to the mystery!  The mystery of human existence:  where did we come from?
Where are we going?  Why are we here?
Why is there evil?  Why is there suffering?  Why are there inequalities?
Why does tragedy strike one person, one family, and prosperity bless another?
Why are some people gifted and some people cursed?
This week, Holy Week, celebrates God’s answer to our wondering, our curiosity.
This week celebrates God’s remedy, God’s solution to unfairness, injustice, violence,
domination, cruelty, terrorism, exclusion, rejection, to human pride.
It celebrates God’s assurance that the reward for goodness is worth any sacrifice.
Through the year we follow the story of the life of Jesus Christ.
A turning point has come.  A collective, official decision is made to kill him.
We’re used to asking Jesus to walk with us, to be with us…
reminding ourselves in the midst of our tribulations that Jesus promised to be with us.
Through this week, the Church asks us to walk with Jesus.
We stand by Jesus’ side…accompany him on his journey, as he faces his tribulation.
Some truth can only be appropriated experientially. 
What we encounter, what we see during these last days,
are the labor pains that give birth to a spiritual revolution.
It can be likened to the human discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel,
the invention of gunpowder, of electricity, of flight.
An irreversible shift in history occurs.  The truth of life is made known, revealed.
A choice is forced upon human consciousness:  defend the old or embrace the new.
Why are we interested in this revolution?  Because we are part of it.  We have joined its ranks. 
We have taken up the cause.  We are rebels who have embraced the new.
We have become convinced that this revolution is necessary if humanity is to survive
the ongoing onslaught of evil and sin.
How cruel humans can become in their jealousy, in their fear, in their ignorance, in their greed…
the wicked always plotting and planning against the upright, the just, the good.
The revolution is both outer and inner.  It plays out in our social relationships.
It also plays out in every individual soul as well.  There is good and evil in all of us.
And we always want to blame someone or something else for our sins.
Something must be done to prevent us from destroying ourselves.
Something must be done to prevent humanity from destroying itself.  This is that something.
This week is about God’s activity.
The underlying theme as we relive the last days of the world’s Messiah:
God’s activity is directed to our salvation.
If we have not been too desensitized, too numbed by senseless violence and death,
we will feel the anguish in Jesus’ soul:  to be free from what lies ahead
or to surrender to the will of His Father.
Jesus trusts that the Father knows what is needed, what is necessary, for salvation.
Unlike us, with Jesus, there is no gap between, no discrepancies between
his stated beliefs and his actual behavior.
Today’s prayer:  “We are lacking, O Lord, lacking in understanding, lacking in compassion, lacking in virtuous sensitivities.  Through this coming week, add to our lives what is necessary for salvation in Your Son Jesus Christ.  Help us to die with him so that we might also rise with him.  Amen!”