The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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3rd Week of Easter

Mon, 05/01/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

Yesterday before Mass the lector came into the priest’s sacristy….
looking around as if not knowing the territory.  I said “you look lost”.
The lector responded “I am!”  And then proceeded with
“it seems that every time I come in here, no matter where I stand, I’m in the priest’s way.”
I told the lector I appreciated this sensitivity.
I explained “People come into the priest’s sacristy before Mass and get in the way of Mass preparations.
They socialize, catch up on news and events, and chatter on about who knows what.
And then when it’s time to start, things aren’t ready and Mass is sometimes delayed.”
Another person in the sacristy quickly said to me “God will take care of things.”
And without skipping a heartbeat I said “Then God can come and clean my toilet.”
I’m sure the person wanted to say “…you know what I mean.”
No.  I don’t know what you mean.  And evidently you don’t know what you mean.
What, after all, is God’s work?
Our life on this earth is bound up with flesh and blood.
We all know:  flesh and blood, the physical part of life, eventually ceases to function.
The physical body eventually undergoes dissolution.
Individual constructions of flesh and blood are temporary.
But our Christian belief is that life, our life, this life, is more than life on this earth.
Somehow, some way, individual life is not only possible after death, but certain after death.
We also believe:  the greatest worldly good is the existence of individual life.
The highest value is placed on individual life.  It is of the highest importance. 
It is of the highest concern when making judgments and decisions and choices.
And the greatest purpose of each individual life is to serve God.
This in turn means the 2nd greatest good, #2 on the list of what is of greatest worldly value,
is the mechanism that makes individual life possible: human sexuality.
Human beings have been given the power, the capacity, to be co-creators of the greatest good.
As human beings we can’t create the soul.  Only God can.
And so as human beings we somehow cooperate with a life-creating process
that is greater than ourselves.
The greatest purpose of our sexuality is again to serve God, to do what God wills.
[All the Catholic Church’s teachings about sexual morality,
about the right way for us as human beings to use this power,
and the right way for us as human beings to respect the divine order of things
when it comes to our sexuality,
is a reflection of its penultimate (2nd to the ultimate) rank within the value of worldly things.
How many of us give 2nd priority to this facet of our life?  …honor it for what it really is?
It isn’t an entertainment center.  God didn’t give it to us for our enjoyment.]  Anyway…..
The work of God has more to do with what is eternal than with what is temporal.
The work of God has to do with generating, preserving, nurturing, sustaining and perfecting
what lasts unto eternal life:  the individual soul.
God sent Jesus His son into the world to save our individual souls from eternal death.
As Christians, we are concerned about the temporal physical body
but only in-so-far as this contributes to the salvation of the soul.
The life of a Christian is a life dedicated to and centered on “soul” work.
Yet how often do we think about the soul, focus our attention on the soul, pray about and for the soul?
Today’s Prayer:  “O Lord, do the work necessary for the salvation of my soul.  Help me to understand and respect what is of greatest importance in this my earthly life.  Inspire me by Your Spirit and through Jesus Your Son to serve You by working for and protecting the good of all souls.  Amen!”