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The Church of Saint Agnes
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15th Week in Ordinary Time

Tue, 07/18/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

I am guilty.  I have failed to stop at a stop sign.  I have failed to stop at a red light.
Now before you pass judgment on me….I didn’t stop because I didn’t see the sign or light.
It isn’t because my eyes are bad.  They see well enough with glasses.
It’s because the focus of my attention was elsewhere.
Some matter, some worry, some concern occupied my mind, my thinking, my awareness.
I wasn’t drunk.  I wasn’t high.  I wasn’t sleepy.  I wasn’t texting or talking on my phone,
and there was no one else in the car with me.
Fortunately this seldom happens.  Fortunately no one has ever been hurt.
I don’t think it merits the punishment of revoking my driver’s license.
If, however, I fail to stop at the same stop sign or red light, let’s say five times
even after I’ve taken note of where the sign is, light is,
then there’s something else at work here that needs to be uncovered.
And it may be something that supports the decision to revoke my driver’s license.
When Jesus journeyed through the towns and cities of his home country
if he had only performed one miracle,
it would have been understandable that many people might have missed it,
maybe thought the stories about him were exaggerated.
However, according to the Gospel of Matthew,
when Jesus journeyed through the towns & cities of his home country, he performed at least 10 miracles.
He more than proved that he had power the world had never seen.
Even so, the people of those towns and cities failed to take notice,
failed to connect the dots, failed to recognize that God was at work in their midst.
Something’s not right here that needs to be uncovered….needs recognition and adjustment.
Something prevented them from acknowledging, from accepting what was going on.
And it wasn’t some physical limitation.  It was a spiritual one.
There was a spiritual elephant in the room but nobody wanted to name it for what it was.
Whatever it was, it was serious enough to warrant the punishment of eternal damnation.
The intention of this comparison is not to draw your attention to—and encourage you to take into account —miracles that are happening today.
The intention is to try to understand what prevented people in Jesus’ time from recognizing who he was,
prevented them from asking “who is this?” and “where does he come from?”
“why is he here among us?”  and “what hopes are born due to his presence?”
Within all of us, myself included, there are falsehoods, misperceptions and erroneous assumptions
that are at work keeping us spiritually immature, spiritually asleep.
In a way, when Jesus revealed his divine power in the working of miracles
he was saying to the people “wake up.  This is God speaking….
the God who spoke to and guided your ancestors.  You’ve fallen asleep.  It’s time to wake up.”
Today, in modern times, as we celebrate the Eucharist, Jesus continues to say to his people:
“Wake up! It’s time to see the activity of God within you and around you.
It’s time to become more aware of your outer surroundings and your inner landscape.
There is sin…but grace abounds.
See what God is doing.  Acknowledge what God is doing.  Cooperate with what God is doing.
Participate in what God is doing.  Celebrate what God is doing.”
The material world is good…until it blinds us and becomes an obstacle to our relationship with God.
The inner world of the human spirit is also good
until it blinds us and becomes an obstacle to our relationship with God.
Today’s prayer:  “O Lord, awaken us to new life in Your Son Jesus Christ.  Make clear both our outer and inner vision that we may see and glory in Your saving work.  Amen!”