The Church of Saint Agnes

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The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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28th Week in Ordinary Time

Mon, 10/16/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

Today’s readings are about revelation.  How does God intentionally reveal Himself?
Sometimes angels are sent to communicate with people, to reveal God’s will, God’s plan.
Sometimes God communicates directly with individuals, the prophets, for example.
It was always believed in the Old Testament that the appointed king spoke on God’s behalf.
The height of divine revelation is Jesus Christ.  God sends His son to speak on His behalf.
What does Jesus reveal?  What does Jesus communicate?
God’s love for His people.  God’s plan of Salvation.  God’s power to overcome evil, sin and death.
People sometimes crowded around Jesus, not to hear what he had to say,
but to see some sign of his power over the physical universe.
They had heard about his miracles and they wanted to see one for themselves.
In response, Jesus calls them “an evil generation”.
Jesus sees that their minds and hearts are not for God, but against God.
Jesus reminds his hearers “there is power in God’s word.”
When Jonah preached God’s word, 120,000 people, a whole city,
repented, turned from their wicked ways and embraced God’s ways.
These weren’t Jews.  These were Gentiles, non-believers, idolaters, ungodly, unclean.
The word of God bent their heart and minds to faithfulness, goodness and truth.
The queen of the South, a Gentile ruler over a Gentile people,
traveled a great distance to seek out the wisdom of God found in King Solomon.
In the Old Testament wisdom was divine in its source.
God was considered to be the source of wisdom.  It was His way of speaking.
This Gentile queen recognizes the value and worth of Solomon’s skill, learning and conduct…
his insight into the reality of the world.
She sees it as a treasure to be sought out and embraced.
Of all the places she could have gone, she came to this Jewish king.
There is still power in God’s word.  There will always be power in God’s word.
It is the power to bring conversion to the human heart, to transform the human mind.
It is the power to save humanity, to save us, from wickedness and evil.
As we strive to understand God’s will for our lives,
as we seek God’s help with regards to the wickedness in our world,
as we seek answers for our questions about what is right and good and true,
listening to and understanding God’s Word is of the essence.
If we ever pray “Jesus, speak to me” but don’t have the scriptures open before us,
then we have denied ourselves access to the most trustworthy source of divine revelation.
Without scriptures we are at great risk of misinterpreting what God might be telling us;
without scriptures we are at great risk of putting our own words in Jesus’ mouth.
For me personally, when Jesus tells me what I want to hear, I am immediately suspicious
that I have not heard the truth but have merely listened to my own imagination.
It is good for us to be with Jesus Christ, to physically draw close to Him
by adoring and/or consuming his Eucharistic presence.
Yes, we can hear his voice but only to the degree we know what he has spoken
when he lived upon this earth.  Our Catholic Church teaches us: 
we have received through Jesus Christ all that is needed for our salvation.  There is nothing to be added. 
However, our understanding will always need to be clarified, purified, perfected.
In its instructions on Eucharistic Adoration
the Church recommends there be scriptural readings and lessons.
Today’s lesson:  do not refuse the gift already given.
As they say in the fishing world:  don’t leave fish to look for fish.
Today’s prayer:  “O Lord, we long to understand the meaning of our existence and the purpose of our lives.  Through Jesus Your Son you reveal the truth.  Through his life, death, resurrection, and glorification he brings into the scope of our limited human awareness that which is eternal.  Help us to hear his voice.  Amen!”