The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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Memorial Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Fri, 11/17/2017
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

Our hope in the future is eschatological, not scientific.
It is a spiritual future that God will determine, not human beings.
It is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ
and the proclamations of Old Testament prophets.
Our future isn’t the finality of death but the promise of eternal life.
The future promised by Jesus is that at an unknown time, he will return.
It will happen suddenly.
As disciples, we put our hope in and look forward to this eschatological event.
This hope we have is not like a dream or not the result of a vivid imagination
which causes us to forget our present struggles and troubles.
But is based on the belief that at that time our struggles and troubles will be overcome.
With regards to this future, Jesus doesn’t warn us of its uncertainty.
He doesn’t say “well, maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t.” 
He warns us that he will appear suddenly….like a thief in the night.
It will happen throughout the world at the same time…once for all.
He counsels us accordingly:  be prepared for there will be no time to prepare in the moment.
It will be a life or death situation within a second of time.
Disciples will be taken up suddenly, from where ever they are, from whatever they are doing,
and be delivered from the destruction that will occur. 
There will be no time for disciples to gather together.
Others will be left behind.  No choice will be given.
The door will be opened and then shut before those left behind
can comprehend what is happening.
At this time, relativism, the belief that absolute certitude is not important,
will evaporate into thin air.
People will demand to know “what is happening” and  “what am I going to do now that it has”.
The disciple will be saved from all the resulting chaos.
It light of this scenario it is time for us, as disciples,
to help those around us search out a new identity, a Christian identity.
Currently, the ideas of meaning and purpose are lost to instant self-gratification.
People have conceded the course of their lives to modern-day cultural trends.
Lost is a sense of personal choice for the good, for virtue, for reason and for intellectual pursuit.
Even in the face of horrible evil, there is a resistance to embrace God.
Evidence can’t be doubted; evil is real and destructive, unpredictable and outside human control.
And yet people are reluctant to accept
that the goodness of God is life-giving and is just as real as evil.
People are reluctant to seek out and accept God’s help….
as if God were a figment of the human imagination
and accepting God is nothing more than human weakness in the face of overwhelming odds.
Based upon human history since the time of Christ, evidence indicates
that nothing up to this time has unified the human race without the use of violence
like the Christian message of forgiveness of sins and the goodness of sacrifice and compassion.
Priest:  “Our hope is in the name of the Lord.”   All:  “Who made heaven and earth.”
Today’s prayer:  “O Lord, in Your love and forgiveness, our redemption is at hand.  Help us to realize that people are more important than things…and that keeping our eyes fixed on Your Son Jesus Christ is better than fixing our eyes on our possessions.  May our lives proclaim Your glory to a world that is lost in selfish, self-centered pursuits.  Amen!”