The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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2nd Week in Ordinary Time

Thu, 01/18/2018
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

Jesus shows mercy to those who come to him in need.
And he demands nothing in return.
He is willing to use his power for the good of those who seek him out.
There is no fee for his services.
There is no expectation of return.  Jesus asks for nothing in exchange.
And there is no requirement of commitment.
But we know something these people in today’s gospel have yet to discover.
We know that this is only one day in the life of Jesus Christ.
His public ministry lasted for three years…so for about 1096 days.
What we hear about in today’s gospel is one piece
of a jigsaw puzzle that has over a thousand pieces.
There is much more to this man than these people can even imagine.
They have no idea where Jesus is headed…what his future holds:
the conflict, the suffering, death on the cross, resurrection from the dead.
They would vehemently deny the possibility that in three years’ time they will forsake him…
some of them anyway, will be shouting “crucify him!”
We know that in the very first sentence of his gospel
Mark says “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Son of God.”
Mark identifies who Jesus is in the first 12 words of his gospel.
We can expect that Mark will answer the implicit questions raised by his introduction:
Why is this “good news” (…that’s what the word ‘gospel’ means… “good news”)?
Why can it be said that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?
Why has the Son of God come to dwell in our midst?
What does all this mean for the living of our lives?
By looking at and contemplating the whole of Jesus’ life
we gain understanding of the mystery of his incarnation.
He reveals to us the love of God and the purpose of our lives.
He teaches us and reminds us:
there is more to life than just meeting and fulfilling our physical needs and wants.
To embrace Jesus Christ as Son of God is to embrace His Kingdom.
What matters in this Kingdom is justice and peace
and the joy that is given to the human heart by the Holy Spirit.
A question that we must continually ask ourselves:  who is Jesus Christ?
What can we say about him?
Here are some examples of how I portray him:
- he comes from heaven above;                       - he abides in our midst;
- his presence is a blessing;                  - he is our daily bread;
- he leads us, teaches us, guides us;     - he heals us, reconciles us with God;
- he is the source of our peace;                        - he is our strength;
- he saves us from our fear;                 - he is our freedom from the burden of sin;
- he is our source of happiness;                       - he is the joy of our life;
- he is our protection from the enemy; - he shows us the way to the Father.
Our prayer today:  “O Lord, bring us back to You.  Bring us back to Your Son Jesus Christ that we might remain in Him forever.  He is our salvation.   Do not leave us in the stubbornness of our hearts.  Place within us a desire for conversion and a willingness to make Your power known to the ends of the world.  Amen!”