The Church of Saint Agnes

1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

The Church of Saint Agnes
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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Thursday in the Octave of Easter

Thu, 04/09/2015
Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

Jesus is risen from the dead.  His tomb is empty.
Now this truth must be passed on to his disciples.
His disciples must then pass it on to others, to the world.
If the resurrection happened today
one of the first things the disciples would have done is pull out their cell phone
and take a “selfie” with the Risen Lord at their side, maybe even with his arm around them,
or maybe with his hands stretched out toward the camera,
so that his wounds were clearly visible.
Or a close up of his feet with the face of the disciple right there
and the disciple’s finger pointing to the wounds.
They would have posted these pics on Facebook or videos on YouTube.
The gospel accounts of the resurrection which we read during the Octave of Easter
show for the very first time
human beings being confronted by the mysterious truth of God,
the truth of what God is capable of doing.
The disciples’ response is not caught on a hidden camera,
only by an oral report later committed to writing.
There is no doubt the disciples believe in the spiritual world.
They assume the Jesus they encounter is now part of that world:  a ghost, a specter, a shade.
If it was just one disciple making this claim it could be dismissed as an hallucination.
But they all see him.  They all hear his voice.
He assures them he is not a ghost and proceeds to provide evidence that
1.)  he is the Jesus they saw nailed to the cross and laid in the tomb
(they recognized him when he broke bread with them).
And 2.) he was something more than a ghost.
He had flesh and bone.  They were invited to touch him.
And he ate food in their presence.
At first they were startled and terrified; taken aback; shaking in their boots.
Saying to themselves:  “this man was dead.  I saw it with my own eyes.”
Their eyes were not deceiving them but they remained incredulous, skeptical.
The Risen Lord explains to them what he said when he was alive
and how all that he did and said fulfilled what the prophets and psalms said about him.
He opens their minds to understanding.  He gives them knowledge of their salvation.
Then he reminds them “you are witnesses to all this”.
In the end they were convinced:  this is the work of the mighty God, the God of our ancestors.
We accept the truth of the resurrection even though we don’t know “how” it happens.
We join our voices with the disciples and countless others who have believed.
We approach our Risen Lord with wonder and thanksgiving and proclaim:
“Many are the wonders and designs you have worked for our salvation, O Lord.
You are great and glorious, worthy to be praised.  I put my trust in your faithfulness.
My soul clings to you, my Redeemer.    Remain in my heart always.  Amen!”